From Foxridge General Improvement District representatives to City of Centennial.

Easement-Acquisition Process Almost Complete

Official Election Results

Ballot 6B for the replacement of the aging Foxridge GID fences passed by a 9% margin.  That means property taxes will increase for all 934 property owners in Foxridge so that a new community fence can be installed along perimeter and main thoroughfare streets.  


Recent efforts to contact homeowners are paying off!    As of February 21st, 147 of a possible 171 easements have been signed - or 86%. In addition, 21 homeowners have committed to signing, so that makes 168 of 171  - or 98%.  In addition, there are 16 pending or private properties; those owners don’t have easement documents yet, but there is clear interest on the part of the property owners to sign.

Next Steps

Plans are underway for fence replacement to hopefully begin in summer of 2020.  Steps include final easement acquisition, debt finance procurement, construction estimate and bid solicitation, bond resolution passage by City Council, and selection of a fence company. Foxridge GID representatives and fence committee members will continue to meet with city staff to stay updated on progress and to provide assistance where appropriate.

Fence Material/Design

Based on community feedback in a City survey conducted last year, fence committee members selected “Saddle-colored” Trex, 6 feet high, to replace the GID fences.  The city’s financial and taxation estimates were developed using this material. The city has received a written 25-year warranty from Trex, specifically for the Foxridge fence project 

Pending Properties

The owners of all eight pending properties being considered for inclusion into the GID for fence replacement have expressed written interest to the city.  Next steps are for the city to conduct fence-line surveys and draw up easement documents for these properties.

Fences on Private Property

The GID is working with the owners of the seven private properties that contain GID fences.  Easement documents will be drafted for those properties.